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The fact your mother had hyperthyroidism places you at higher risk of getting it as it can be a genetic thing. The issues is that most doctors do what tests they want and not what you feel is necessary. The doctors will then simply say you are within range, nothing wrong, go home. That's why it took me 8 years to get medication, but i only found out last year that it runs in my dad's family. Wish i'd known sooner then i could have possibly gotten the doctors i saw to take me more seriously.

The problem is, as i said before, if your TSH looks good they wont medicate you, regardless of what else is going on. This is the BIG debate now between patients and doctors. Just go over onto the thyroid board and that is testimony enough of what is going on.

having said all that, you might not have an actual thyroid problem, it could all be to do with your ferretin. In fact, a long standing low ferretin can affect the thyroid. the doctor who diagnosed me waited for my ferretin to rise, then when he saw my T3 and T4 where not where he felt they ought to be, he ordered the Thyroid Antibodies test and my antibodies showed i had Hashimoto's.

In my dad's case, his T3 and T4 were high and various other things were too high or low. Once he addressed certain things like Vit D and B12, he found that a heap of things self corrected. His cholesterol went down to a desirable level, which it hadn't in years, his calcium rose and a number of thyroid issues which were out by a bit and possibly causing symptoms ended up coming closer to where they ought to be.

So basically with the thyroid you either have a thyroid problem or start of one or you only have a thyroid problem due to being low in a number of supplements.
Hi Gemini - yes it does appear that your immune system would be improving as even your lymphocytes have improved.

Your B12 has dropped. Were you taking B12 before and stopped or you have never taken it? Your folate has dropped a bit too, this would likely be due to you not absorbing as much B12 as your body would ideally like. Some people take a B12 and folate supplement together, although a lot of the brands of multi B vitamins already appear to have a little folate in them. Not sure whether the B12 ones do.

Good on your receptionist for advising you to keep up with the iron supplements. You have moved up, but it's not rocketing up. See in 3 months how you go, but make certain your ferritin is up nice and high at least 50 if not 70. The higher your ferritin the better other functions within the body can operate and if you can push it up to 125 and stay there, that is the optimum level for your phase 2 liver detox. That's the one which is important for women and men as this level of detox gets rid of excess estrogen, rather than storing it, among other things.

Raising your ferritin is also beneficial for the thyroid. Long term low levels of ferritin can affect the thyroid.

I dont recall, were you taking vitamin D too? Often when you are low in so many things you are also most likely low in Vit d.

I'm not certain about your thyroid results eg; your T4 lab range is just a little different to my range so i'd not like to comment incase i'm on the wrong track :) I see they didn't test your T3 and they didn't run the test to check whether you had an autoimmune thyroid condition by running a Thyroid Antibodies test. Often they wont run this test if your TSH appears "normal", which is a mistake as a lot of people can fall into the "normal" range, yet have an autoimmune thyroid condition all along. This was my case and that's how i went without treatment for 9 years and i'd had Hashimoto's all along. Your thyroid TSH is in the normal range at 1.28, doctors wont do anything even if it climbs higher, unless it goes over the lab range.

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