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[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3966301]Hi gemini - i agree with herekittykitty. If you are depleted in a certain nutrient then you definitely need to supplement that missing thing on it's own eg: just like you supplement iron on it's own, Vit D on it's own, you should also supplement B12 on it's own, rather than taking a multivitamin only.
[COLOR="Indigo"]:wave: Hi Audrey, i looked at how much was in the multi vitamin and it has 1ug lol so as Kitty also advise i shall ask the pharmacist for a higher dose and aim to raise it to around 600. I wish they had done a test for Vit D as i realise that they are all linked in some way.[/COLOR]

Multivitamins are more of a 'pick me up', in my opinion, if you have been burning the candle at both ends, recovering from a cold/virus, etc etc. When you have serious issues then multivitamins are just not strong enough. You can still take them, so long as you suppelement the additional things.

I too have heard of supplementing folic acid along with B12. My dad's B12 was extremely low and i got him to take some sublingual B12 (which you dissolved in your mouth). This form is more readily absorbably. He went from 200 (bottom was 180) up to 526 in a space of 5 weeks. I think the cut of maximum range was 700 and a bit.

His doctor never felt he needed to up his B12 or his very low Vit D, but i forced him to :D and it did him the world of good. He could never good a full nights sleep, but now he sleeps the night through. He can't believe it. So don't worry about going it alone,
[COLOR="indigo"]Im glad you dad is feeling better with raised levels, gosh he really was low in B12 wasnt he. I bet he is glad you got him to take the supplements [/COLOR]

so long as you get another recheck to see where your levels are. Even if your ferritin is within range, but at the lower end, keep at it, even though your doctor will likely say you don't need to take anything.
[COLOR="indigo"]I will make sure i get tested regularly this year to keep levels up. I started retaking the ferrous fumerate yesterday just one for now then i will increase to 2 next week untill i get my results back ;)[/COLOR]

If the brand of iron you are on is making you ill, either lower the dose or try something a bit easier on the stomach. Have you spoken to a chemist? they are often more helpful than your GP and chemists speak to people all day long and hear what works and what doesn't. Stopping the iron supplement will only send you backwards, so be careful there.
[COLOR="indigo"]Will do, if i get anymore probs i will ask the chemist[/COLOR]

My pap test wasn't good. I have to now have another colposcopy in about 3 weeks. Good luck with your other results :)[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="indigo"]So sorry to hear this Audrey, i have my fingers crossed for you xx[/COLOR]

One iron tab is not enough to raise the ferritin, it takes more over a long period of time. You need more iron until the stores are filled, then you can cut down to a maintenance dose, if required at that time. This is what many of us have to do to maintain iron levels.

Your B-12 remains low, maybe you need to be taking more. Glad to hear your white count is responding well.

What was the iron dosage that your doctor prescribed for you? I think that you would see more progress with more. Take care. FLFG :)

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