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HI! I have been having hair loss for at least the past 8 years. The search for answers lead me to check my ferritin which was in the teens. I saw a hematologist who did not know anything about hair and ferritin but put me on iron supplements. Two months of that did not do anything. But the dr. did not really tell me how to take them so maybe I didn't take them the proper way. Fast forward to now - still dealing with worsening hair problems which are depressing - but have put together many other symptoms - numbness in fingers and toes, cold all the time when others are warm, depression, lack of focus, tired all the time, pale skin...a lot of these things I just attibuted to running after 3 young kids. I just went to have my ferritin checked again and it is 33.

My hemoglobin is 14.8 (11.7 - 15.5 g/dL normal)
hematocrit is 44.6 (35.0 - 45.0 % normal)
B12 is 641 (200 - 1100 pg/mL normal)
folate, serum 15.3.

My gp told me that my iron is normal and the ferritin is low normal but I have all these symptoms. I also had my thyroid levels checked including things like T3, free T3, T4, tsh etc. and they all came back middle range normal. I am so upset reading about people who have anemia because I have a lot of the same symptoms but didn't know they might all be related. I am wondering if I could be suffering from some kind of anemia from the low ferritin even though my regular iron is fine. I have to call my gp on Monday to see if she will over see iron supplementation but she will probably tell me that 33 is a good number for the ferritin. THanks so much for any input.

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