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The problem here is that your ferritin should be at least the minimal 50. Really, it needs to be 70-100 range. I was told to supplement iron until there is no blood loss or I stop taking PPI's which I cannot. So, there is a reason that you are losing iron and you need to discover that cause. Whether it is from your cycle or what. Next, I would supplement at least with a multivitamin, if you haven't already. In addition, I would eat red meat 3x weekly (IF you eat it) to build the ferritin. I would do this and retest to see if your ferritin is responding. If not, then I would supplement with iron supplements that are stronger in dosage. I take 150 Poly iron daily and my ferritin is 58. Your Hgb looks remarkable (optimal), so you should be storing iron into ferritin. You can also request LOL (you know how they like requests) an iron panel because it will show you the % of saturation of iron. If it is low maybe you have malabsorption, you can malabsorb 2 or 3-5 years (something like that) before you run out of B-12 and iron. Anemia is the final last stage of the ferritin stores and you are at 33 so, no, you wouldn't be anemic yet! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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