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Iron will fix general Iron Deficiency anemia, but not PA for example; it has to be treated with B-12. You become anemic for different reasons, as you know, but it is all treated the same. Many doctors will not run further tests for B-12 because they say it's still treated the same way. I think they should always find a root cause. It helps to know more about your medical state. Whether your have an autoimmune disease process at work or what. Having one puts you at greater risk for others in the future. This is why you have to have so many different test to find a cause. You can have both IDA and B-12 deficiency at the same time (very common), for many different (malabsoprtion syndrome) reasons. B-12 can only treat B-12 and iron for iron def. If you have both you need to treat both. I will give you an example, for myself, I take PPI's that can cause some malabsorption. It can change your B-12 intake and iron. For me it only causes iron malabsorption, my B-12 is great. I still supplement with B-12 so that I don't end up with a problem because this puts me at a higher risk. Other people that take PPI's may malabsorb both or just B-12. It depends on your own body and what is going on. I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, this too can cause reduced stomach acid needed to absorb iron, so who really knows what's going on. Only testing will tell. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Hashi's (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis), is an autoimmune disease of the thryoid. Antibodies in the blood attack the thyroid resulting in low thyroid function and destruction of the gland, under-active (Hypo-T) or even Hyper-T at times. Symptoms are of course different for everyone. I was tired, cold, my hair fell out a little and I had very heavy periods along with an elevated cholesterol which is common is Hypo-T. It was found through a simple blood test and then US of the gland. They test the thyroid function TSH, T-4, T-3 and Antibodies for Hashi's. You can have just a thyroid condition OR a thyroid disease or even many more other things to do with your thyroid.

Regarding the B-12, iron deficiency and anemia--You can have each alone, both together and also with other things going on too in any one of those scenarios. Anemia can be for more than just one cause. All of my doctor's told me my anemia was from my periods so I had an ablation, which helped a lot. But I still couldn't build my ferritin, I am 58 ferritin in 2 yrs time. I was actually 43 at 1 yr and 3months time. Now, they say it is from malabsorption due to long term use of PPI's. This is why a proper diagnosis is always necessary. It is not enough to treat without knowing the facts, although we don't always get them. If I had not gone back to the GI doc a year later for my regular GI check up and told him I wouldn't of known I was having malabsorption. I was very surprised!! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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