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I finally got a copy of my lab results today and I'm really confused. My dr told me last week that my hormones were all normal, my thyroid level was normal, and the test for celiacs was fine. But my papers say "Pending" for Estrogen and Celiac Disease Panel. How can he tell me they were normal if the tests are still pending?

I also can't find ANYWHERE on here where they tested my thyroid. Is it listed under another term? I don't see anywhere where they tested for Vitamin B-12.

I'll list some of the other things (that I've seen on here before). Hopefulyl someone can tell me anything about the #'s.

IRON 55 (normal range 40-175)
TIBC 400 (250-450)
% saturation 14L (15-50%)
UIBC 345 (110-370)

Lipase, serum 23 (7-60)

Ferritin 7L (10-154)

Hemoglobin 11.2 (11-15.5)
Hematocrit 32.6 (35-45)
MCV 85 (80-100)

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