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This is the first time i have posted on this website. I notice most people posting live on the other side to the world to me, i live in sydney australia, yes i find myself nodding along to this. I have Coeliac disease. I was sick and severly anemic for 3 years and my doctor refused to test me for anything and told my mother that i was just a typical kid trying to get out of school. He suggested anti depressants to get me out of bed. My mum yelled and yelled that i was really sick and finally he tested me for coeliac disease. My levels were terrible and i was given an emergency endoscopy and put on a gluten free diet. I only got sicker developing chronic fatigue and spending 3 months asleep. My specialist then asked how my lactose intolerance was going having come up in tests, something they forgot to mention. When i complained of still being always unwell no one was concerned saying again to my mother that i must be cheating on the diet. I have never in my life cheated the diet, i am afraid of being sick. 5 years later after several changes in GP i found a doctor who believed i was sick and not a typical teenager. She tested me for related diseases to coeliac disease, and got all my blood results for last 8 years and looked through them. She discovered my iron dropped significantly every year. No one undersands why. I become very ill on tablets so i was given iron injections which didnt help my levels at all but left a very painful tatoo on me. The IV iron had me unable to breathe, with my heart racing and admitted to emergency. No one at the hospital however informed my specialist i was in hospital unable to breathe. Im not keen to repeat the process yet no doctor can tell me why i can not absorb iron when my villi appear repaired and i have no internal bleeding. Then They discovered i had SLE lupus and thyroid disease, SLE has caused me terible arthritis in my joints and the medication causes weight gain and bad sun rashes. I am 19 and it appears the early years of my life eating this GLUTEN has given me so many diseases and health problems. I want to have energy. I want to have iron in my body and understand why i dont.. and i want to be a normal 19yr old who isnt always sick. Gluten and Anemia are totally not cool. But its just amazing how over the other side of the world people have to same extreme problems with diagnosis and GPs and how everywhere gluten is making people so sick.

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