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The doctor i see is my thyroid doctor. He has a special interest in all these things as he suffers from a lot of them himself, so he knows what it's like and all the things which can possibly be interlinked healthwise, the domino effect once one thing falls, then the next, then the next.

I've learnt a lot from this doctor, but also learnt a lot from a Trichologist who i went to see regarding my hair loss situation and he was the one who finally diagnosed my thyroid condition, he's also the first person to test me for gluten intolerance and ran a heap of other blood tests like ferretin, Vit D, B12, iodine, zinc, folate, hormone etc etc he then referred me onto my current doctor.

I also learnt a lot from this healthboard as well as learning a lot from the naturopathic place i get my herbs from to keep my menstrual cycle regular and normal. It's a health/beauty teaching school. You get to see a graduating student, while 2 newer students sit in. You get to state your case and they ask you a heap of questions and it takes an hour. They then discuss my case with a head teacher and if it's complex the head teacher will discuss my issues with me. Being a trianing school it made consultation fees so cheap.

So basically you can learn a lot from virtually everywhere and anywhere. Actually i found out about the health/beauty school from another health forum some years back when someone asked whether anybody knew of a good naturopath in my city.

You just have to keep your eye open, keep doctor shopping if you dont like the one you are seeing or if he/she is unreasonable, keep researching.

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