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[QUOTE=Jazzabella;3879152]... She discovered my iron dropped significantly every year. No one undersands why. .... Then They discovered i had SLE lupus and thyroid disease, SLE has caused me terible arthritis in my joints and the medication causes weight gain and bad sun rashes. I am 19 and it appears the early years of my life eating this GLUTEN has given me so many diseases and health problems. ....[/QUOTE]


These are symptoms/conditions that often accompany people infected witht the organism Borellia burgdorfei or gernii, which is now thought to be common on the Eastern seaboard of Australia! I would suggest that a number of posters on this board are from Down Under and are experiencing symptoms caused by this disease...anemia, celiac disease, arthritis, thryoid problems, Lupus, ALS, MS, bowel problems, yeast infections, and etc. Some doctors think that 1/2 of all chronic disease is caused by these Borellia burgdorfei and/or its coinfections.

Australian government websites (like US government websites) are often outdated, and can perpetuate myths and misconceptions…please keep in mind the following BEFORE you read the Australian government link at the bottom of the page:

1. Although these infections can be transmitted by at least 5 different kinds of ticks, flies, fleas, and other insects can transmit them as well.
2. These infections can be transmitted in the womb so babies can be born intected.
3. Some think these infections can be transmitted sexually.
4. Theoretically, it is possible to get these infections via a blood transfusion, although this has not been proven.
5. Although a bull seye rash is a definitive sign of infection, most people do not remember getting one.
6. Just because you didn’t get a rash or don’t remember a rash, doesn’t mean you haven’t been infected.
7. Lyme and it’s coinfections have been known to lay dormant for over 10 years, making the connection to the initial symptoms and the chronic symptoms difficult.
8. Antibiotic treatment (especially Doxycycline as it is used to treat Lyme) can bring about a massive Herxheimer reaction, which means that symptoms may get worse or change with antibiotic treatment. This means the antibiotic is working!
9. Steroids may temporarily ease the symptoms, but the symptoms may change or get worse after steroid treatment because steroids suppress the body's immune system and an active immune system is needed to fight a bacterial infection.
I have included the following Australian Government Website. Please keep in mind that it contains some info that is thought to be incorrect or misleading, but at least it’s a place to start…


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