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Re: Ferritin
Feb 4, 2009
Mac2--Did you ever find a cause for your anemia? Just curious. I can tell you that from a 2 ferritin every time that I jumped about 10 points 10-20-30-40 I began to feel a little better it was somewhere between 20-40'ish that I noticed a greater difference, but I was able to tell I felt a lot better at 50, I could have told you without a blood test that I was at 50. I think this is the minimal number for ferritin to be at a healthy range not 10-20. Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Re: Ferritin
Feb 5, 2009
Yes, I had all those symptoms and more. In fact, they thought at one point that I had MS and I also had to see a Neuro doc and have many tests. Anemia is a real beast of a symptom!!! To answer your question, It took me 1 yr and 3 months to get to 43 ferritin, it wasn't for 5 more months I think that I hit 58 ferritin, it's been a ride. This is different for everyone and you too will be different from my experience. At least we can hope so. There are a few of us that have been here for 2 yrs or more. How is that for an outlook? When I first came here and read about people not absorbing iron and having this ongoing problem, I though, that's weird, that won't happen to me! And it did!

Regarding your period, I am not sure how the ferritin would respond, it's hard to say really. It is more of the Hgb that responds from my knowledge. I read where a doc said that you have to test before and after a period to see if this is happening. If it is effecting your CBC. So, I was able to do this and with supplements I actually went up 1/10th of a point. I though I would be under, but it didn't happen. I suppose that I was taking enough iron to break even. I still had to have an ablation to stop the blood loss. Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Re: Ferritin
Feb 6, 2009
I agree, some of us have a very close and personal relationship with this board, which makes us special, considering it's the only relationship Paris Hilton hasn't tried to have yet!!

Like FLFLOWERGIRL, i too was shocked how long it took some people's ferretin to move and i to thought "that wont be me" and i think i've been hanging around here for 2 years and was on iron supplements prior to that for one year, so 3 years all up.

I never realise low iron could be a symtom of soooo many things. When i first began posting on here i simply focused on the low iron, but once i was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and further testing revealed i had other issues, i soon realised that i had wasted valuable time focusing only on the ferretin when i ought to have been making one big list and ticking things off as i went.

In your case, if you have heavy periods, i'd say that could be a likely candidate for low ferretin.

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