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Re: Ferritin
Feb 5, 2009
I agree, 22 is still low. "technically" you may not be anemic any longer and most doctors wont care if you have gotten yourself out of the anemia zone. You should care though, especially as you still aren't feeling good. Each of us starts feeling good at different points. For some reason we all feel our side effects to low iron in our own unique way.

I was chronically tired with a ferretin of 8, but once i began taking a supplement i lost the chronic fatigue eg: couldn't walk from kitchen after breakfast to my bedroom to get changed without a pit stop on the sofa to recover some energy). Once my ferretin was up to 14 i could get from kitchen to bedroom without sofa-assistance :) I was still tired though, felt unmotivated, could stay up late with friends when out for dinner, stopped visiting people or going out and life could easily have ground to a halt.

I'd say keep at it with the iron supplements. It's obvious you aren't going to shoot up too high any time soon, so no need to worry about iron overload. In the meantime it might be good to find out what is causing it and are you low in other things eg: B12, zinc, Vitamin D?
Re: Ferritin
Feb 5, 2009

FlFlower Girl, I did not find out the cause of my low ferritin as my docs do not seem that interested. I could 99% for certain say that it is due to heavy periods though. Did you ever suffer from the dizziness/balance stuff? How long did it take to get to the 50 mark?

Audrey, girl, you had the tiredness bad!! I don't think I have ever been that tired that I have had to stop and rest like that. I can still do a 5 mile hike quite easily, it's just that I feel more tired after my day and need to be in my bed resting by about 8.30p.m. I go to sleep about 10pm and sleep through til 7am but still feel tired when I wake up. But I do manage to get through my day without excessive tiredness, it's more like a general fatigue where I can't be bothered to do stuff. But, I am noticing it more lately.

My social life has taken a nosedive over the last few years with all this dizziness stuff, in fact I don't have one!!

The supplement I am taking has B12, B6, zinc, copper and folic acid so it is quite a good one and should see me ok if I am deficient in any of these things.

One question I do have is - I got my first ferritin test done just after the end of a period, and my last ferritin test done the week before I was due. Would this make a difference i.e. would you have a lower reading after a period when you have had a lot of blood loss?



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