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It's standard for a lot of doctors to pronounce you to be out of danger once your hemoglobin results come ok. It is very positive and encouraging that they are actually telling you to keep taking your iron supplement AND to come back in 3 months for a re-evaluation. Not a lot of doctors do that, so that is great to hear.

Yes, being overweight can make exercise or even general day to day life a tad more difficult, but a ferretin of 14, regardless of your hemoglobin, would still be making you tired. You need to keep taking your iron and don't slacken off, even if you do begin feeling better. In your case your iron didrn't rise in a hurry, which is the same story for a lot of us on this board, so don't stress over iron overload.

With your weight, do you want to lose weight or do you feel comfy with your weight? That is only something you can answer. If you feel fine with your dress size, then maybe some light exercise just to keep healthy? On the other hand if you are looking at losing weight, maybe an overhaul of your kitchen cupboards and starting a healthy lifestyle plan. Losing weight slowly is always more beneficial and healthier for your metabolism than losing a heap of weight each week.

Low ferretin might make exercise a bit arduous as there isn't sufficient oxygen running through your system due to insufficient blood stores. So go easy and just do some light exercises for now. Regardless of your dress size, some light to moderate exercise is good for all of us.

If you are low in ferretin, there is a chance you can be low in other things eg: vit D, b12, zinc, folate, iodine. low iron can also be due to many things ranging from diet to gluten intolerance and a heap of other things inbetween.

Just remember don't go supplementing with things unless you have been tested first as some supplements can be bad for you in high quantities.

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