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Yes, I am aware that thyroid sufferers very commonly have depleted iron stores.

Because I am now at a good place with my thyroid labs, I have to get them done every six months just to keep an eye on them. Then if all is well next month, I will start doing them every year. I am happy with this, because its taken almost 18 months post op from my thyroidectomy to get here!!

I am sorry to hear that you have Hashimotos. I do hope that they are giving you the right treatment to get you back on the straight and narrow road to recovery.

Back when I first had my FE tested, it wasn't really spoken about and to be honest I was hesitant in starting Iron supps because I know that that would have needed close monitering also and the chances of me getting that, wouldhave been minimal.

Thank you so much for your help!


[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3876016]becky1 - i also don't believe your stores would have gone up. Anything is possible, but more likely they've gone down.

I have Hashimoto's myself. A lot of thyroid sufferers have issues with low ferretin and difficult to raise ferretin, just like they tend to have a low Vit D and a tendancy to be either gluten intolerant or Celiac. Gluten intolerances can cause you to not be able to absorb iron readily too.

Do you see and Endo? if so, does he/she order and routine blood tests for you? My thyroid doctor does all the full thyroid panel, ferretin, Vit D, adrenal cortisol levels, ACTH. I do this test every 6 weeks as he's still tweaking my thyroid meds to suit my situation, so he monitors everything else along with it.

Back in march 2005 when you were 13 and they refused to test you, you ought to have continued taking daily supplements and/or found another doctor. It's sad doctors don't take this ferretin business seriously, especially as a higher ferretin and vitamin D is healthy for the thyroid.[/QUOTE]

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