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[QUOTE=star_light221;3875879]Another couple of questions lol,
Has anyone had eye or aura migraines with low b12 or iron?
[B]I have had blurred vision in one eye a few times with my moderate anemia. It went away and never happened again.[/B]
and what is the lowest level of b12 you have had
[B]Sorry, I cannot comment on that one since mine is normal range and runs 800-900.[/B]

and also how come the iron stores do not affect hemoglobin?
[B]Iron deficiency passes through stages. The way it works is:

The 1st stage you have lowered iron stores-- which is the ferritin lowering. They are reduced ~but not exhausted~, with no clinical effects.

The 2nd stage is Iron depletion-- This shows up on the lab tests now, the Hgb concentration may be well below normal range. At this point if you increase your iron intake, the ~Hgb may respond~ by increasing.

The 3rd and final stage--is when there is no iron left remaining in the bone marrow. Hgb production falls to a point where the concentration is ~well below~ the reference range. This is when (IDA) iron deficiency anemia sets in. My GI explained it to me as, at this time if you don't get iron then you start to pull from the organs and that is not good.

Also, something else to note; that is very important is that in iron deficiency (lowered iron stores), ie., low ferritin can occur (even if the patient is not clinically anemic), and has a normal Hgb level.[/B]

Has anyone overcome pernicious anemia ?
[B]I don't know that answer, but AI disease don't just go away but I do believe that they can go into remission. But that is not a cure.[/B]

what illnesses have you had that could have caused low levels of b12 or iron?
[B]For me my low iron was realted to heavy periods due to 7 polyps, possibly thyroid disease, Hashimoto's and long term use of PPI's for 8 yrs at the time of DX. Also, I do not eat red meat. There can be many reasons for both iron and B-12 deficiency not just one.

There are many reasons for a B-12 deficiency you may want to research this one, theres a lot to learn about B-12. Hope this helped a little. Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]

thank you[/QUOTE]

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