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Flowergirl I am after your opinion cause while i knoaw abot B12 I know only a bit re iron.....My 11 year old daughter ahs just had blood tests becuase of my B12 thing I wanted to get her and her brother checked....
She came back with very low levels of B12 and also iron issue would like your feed back if you dont mind here are her resluts....
Iron 14--(5.4-28.6)
Transferrin 47--(25-45)
saturation 15--(10-45)
Ferritin 29---(15-200)
Comment: The combination of raised transferrin and borderline ferritin levels may indicate early iron deficiency.....

Haemoglobin 13.6 --(115-155)
Red Cell Count 4.8-- (4-6)
Haematocrit 0.40--(0.35-0.45)
MCV 83--(75-92)
MCH 28 (25-33)
MCHC 340 (310-370)
RDW 13.2--(10-15)
Platelets 434--(150-400)
ESR 1 --(1-15)
White Cell Count 9.1 (4.5-14.5)
Neutro 6.3--(1.5-8.0)
lympho 2.2--(1.5-7.0)
mono 0.4--(0.2-1.0)
Eosinophils <0.1--(0.0-0.7)
basophils <0.1--(0.0-0.1)

comment---slight thrombocytosis ( gather this is becuase her iron is low)

Her doc has place her on 25mg of iron a day.........
Would love to know what you think......she will be starting her B12 any day
She is a tiny thing and i really have to try hard to get her to eat her red meat.......She said to me yesterday I promise I will eat my meat now everytime...Bless her heart although I really am not sure it all about her diet as she ahs the B12 def as do my son and I something is going on for sure.....

Thanks for the feed back

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