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[QUOTE=DontWannaBeMe;3883033]The nurse called to give me results of my bloodwork. Doctor did a CBC and serum iron test on me. She said my hemoglobin is good and I'm not anemic, but my iron binding isn't what it should be which means my body isnt using iron properly. What the heck does this mean? She told me get some ferrous gluconate supplements and take daily.

Can a problem with iron binding cause my symptoms of tachycardia, shortness of breath on exertion, and tiredness?

Also, whats the best way to take iron to avoid nausea?[/QUOTE]

DontWannaBeMe--I'm not clear on what the nurse is saying. It sounds like you aren't getting enough iron, but not yet anemic and perhaps your Hgb is not optimal. The TIBC goes high in the presence of iron deficiency/anemia. Your saturation and iron serum must be low for her to tell you to begin on iron supplements. Get a copy of your labs for your own reference, and you can also post them here if you like. Did you have your ferritin (iron stores) tested? This would cause your symptoms that you mention. You need to have this test to see how much iron store you have.

If you are very sensitive to supplements then I would suggest trying your supplement that the nurse suggested, and if it bothers you, call in and ask for a more GI friendly iron. How much did she tell you to take daily? You should begin slowly and gradually increase over a few days. Keep us posted.

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