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GG--Hi there! Hope you are doing a little better. These test are part of the iron panel which consists of serum iron, TICB and Sat %. They all tell about iron. The ferritin is the more telling of the total iron stored in the bone marrow. A lowered Hgb is diagnostic of anemia, serum iron is the iron in the blood supply in circulation from what you eat and ferritin being the (stored) iron in containment for later use.

When your total body iron is high, ferritin tends to be high and when total iron body is low, ferritin tends to be low. Iron deficient patients tend to have ferritin less than 10.

In IDA, the serum iron will be decreased, while the serum iron binding capacity is somewhat increased, so that the percentage transferrin saturation is much lower than normal--perhaps only 5 to 10%. This is probably what your labs will look like.

Iron Panel:

TIBC--Measures how much transferrin is in the blood. Transferrin, a protein that carries iron through the blood and into parts of the body. This test is used to evaluate how much iron is available for tissues of the body to use.

Serum Iron-- and total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) are measured together to see how much iron is carried in the blood. In anemia, these tests can help to determine whether it is due to iron deficiency or another cause, like a chronic illness such as Hereditary Hemochromatosis for example.

Transferrin Sat %--Is the ratio of serum iron and total iron-binding capacity together, multiplied by 100.

Lab tests may be used to see if a medical condition is getting better or worsening. These tests may also be used to measure the progress, success or failure of therapy and treatment plan. Hope that helped. Keep us posted.

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