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[QUOTE=GreenGal77;3886439]Thank you both for your kind responses, I really appreciate it.

And yes, I had the gluten intolerance test (the biopsy anyways) and it came back negative.

I haven't done much for my periods, I can't really afford a naturopath right now...and to be honest, I'm just annoyed I can't get the doctors to do something more permanent. I know why they are so heavy, I have really bad endometriosis. But they won't do anything like an ablation or because of my age...even though I decided a long time ago I'm not going to try and have children. If all of a sudden a maternal instinct kicks in (which I doubt because i've felt like this my whole life) I think I would be happy to try and adopt. As far as I'm concerned, I can't keep living like this when there are things that could help it. Maybe that's selfish or stupid of me though.

What I could really use now is some information or advice...I can't understand why I'm being told that if my symptoms don't improve I should go to the hospital. Because short of a transfusion, I don't think there is anything they can do. Maybe they could help with the pain (my head is just killing me and my vision is almost gone in one eye) but other than that I think they will just test my levels, tell me to try and have someone with me and send me home. And I don't want that. I'd rather stay at home under my blanket and try and stay comfortable.
BUT, the symptoms are getting worse. So if I'm missing something or there is some reason I should seek out help, I would love it if someone could point it out. I want to make sure I'm being smart because deep down I feel a bit like giving up.[/QUOTE]

Wow I am a newbee on the board and was just looking ,trying to work up my courage to post,when I read you post! I have had all the enemic symptoms for a while but my dr kept telling me it was just stress,I bleed,bleed and bleed some more and the dr said it was caused by stress...Then i feel like i am going to have a heart attack...can't catch my breath can't hardly funtion at all and he takes some simple blood tests....and guess what my iron levels are at 4 and my hymiglobin is less then two!No wonder I feel like death!I have been started on iron shots two times a week,in the hospital.At the same time they are monitoring my oxygen levels,which are very low and my blood pressure,,,which is really high.My Dr said this would be the fastest way to get out of danger,as he has so kindly informed me that I can have a heart attack if i exert myself.So now i am more then a little scared and feel angry cause I knew something was really wrong and I have been wanting a hysterectomy for a couple of years but like you because of my age they say I am to young.I have three kids,I don't want more...I just want my health back.Well now my dr is finally starting to see and I am going to see a Gynocoligist in a couple of weeks and hopefully they will do something.In the mean time ,I know how you feel about just giving up cause that is how i have been feeling most days lately.And to top it all off my husband has just been diagnosed with advanced cerebellar atrophy...which I know next to nothing about sometimes you just have to laugh or you will just sit and cry.Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I really relate.

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