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Robine - no problem, it's good to sometimes post on other sections of the healthboards as you never know what you can find out. I sometimes forget there are other sections aside from anemia/thyroid which can help with my personal situation.

Regarding the thryoid, i learnt something interesting recently and reading one of your earlier posts on this thread reminded me of it. You mentioned your high calcium levels and that reminded me of the fact that low selenium and high calcium levels can result in underactive thyroid. Another friend has an underactive thyroid and coincidentally her calcium is high. I've not had my calcium tested but will be at next test as i'm very curious. I am on selenium drops daily and i introduced Brazil nuts into my diet a while back.

I've also came across the information that hormonal imbalances can be mineral imbalances eg: magnesium, zinc, calcium, manganese and chromium and my friend today said her naturopath said to add tyrosine to the list.

You mentioned being on digestive enzymes, that is the same as me. I also found out recently that Vit A is important as it fascilitates efficient absorption of nutrients by strenthening the lining of the digestive tract. The thyroid gland needs Vit A to produced thyroxin, which in turn is the thyroid hormone that helps the thyroid absorb iodine. Think i'll be adding Vit A to my things to be tested.

Seems like everything revolves around hormones and digestion :)
Hi Robine - thanks for clarifying the palmate and toxicity issue. Vit A is one of those vitamins i never thought anyone would be low in, but could quite easily be higher in. I've never given it a thought until i read that the thyroid gland can't produce thyroxin without sufficient Vit A and if the thyroid is having problems producing the thyroxin there's a pretty good chance you aren't absorbing sufficient iodine. Also the fact that Vit A helps with better abosorption of nutrients by strengthening the lining of the digestive tract as i have malabsorption issues as well as the thyroid and low iodine issues. For these reasons i'm now wondering whether i could be low in Vit A.

I think with all these health issues you can't ever look at just one thing, there is such a big overlap from various areas.

Best of luck with your MRI results. I get my new test results on monday. I always get so excited the night before that i can't fall asleep :)

Malabsorption affects so many things in the body. It is quite possible that you could be low on vitamin A. I was very low on A causing night blindness and some other things, low on D which apparently made the parathyroid hormone high and added to osteoporosis, low on Vitamin K causing bleeding and bruising, not sure on Vitamin E as there are no clear symptoms of deficiency and people are very seldom low on E. These vitamins are all fat soluble so if you are not absorbing fats properly the vitamins will likely be low.
Malabsorption issues for me seem to be almost gone. I found the foods with good fats that I tolerated best are extra virgin olive oil, and a gluten free ice cream called Organic Purely Decadent Coconut Milk which is made from coconut milk and dried coconut and has no dairy or soy. Coconut is a medium chain fatty acid which is more easily digested that my nutritionist recommended. I have some olive oil and coconut ice milk every day.

I was also low on iodine as you mentioned and in all of the minerals tested which is why I am so surprised that I am now too high on iron. I have been wondering where all the extra iron is coming from since I do not take any iron supplements and eat meat only once every week or two. Yesterday I wondered if the water in my home has a lot of iron since I live in the northeast and the water in this area is rich with minerals. The clear plastic tubing for the ice cubes in the fridge gets rust colored on the inside and has to be changed periodically. I think the rust color may be iron deposits. I am drinking water or green tea all day long. I am going to find out how to get the water in my home tested.

I got the quick report on my MRI and essentially it is normal with no iron buildup. I'll get the written report in a week or so with all the details and comparison to the MRI five years ago. It is nice to have a good report. for a few years every test I had was abnormal. Now at least some are normal.
I will see the endocrinologist March 23rd, the GI doc April 9th followed by the hematologist on April 10th and will have more labwork done before those visits.

I hope all your tests look better when you get the report on Monday. Let me know how they are. Hope you sleep okay. You have quite a few of the health concerns that I have also identified. It is a long process trying to figure everything out. It is nice to have the health board folks to chat with on line.


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