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Beefsteak - i gather you have been treated for the ulcer by now and they have verified you aren't losing blood due to the ulcer situation in November?

Where is your ferretin at now? I can understand you wanting to start slowly and that is maybe advisable as some people don't handle instant high doses of iron supplements right away. You can start on a lower dose, then gradually increase your dosage each week so that your stomach becomes used to it gradually, just incase you end up with irritable bowel. Later on you would definitely need the higher dosage and also keep an eye on how fast your ferretin is rising.

Has your doctor also checked you for H-pylori bacteria in the gut? It's a breath test you do at the Pathology and only takes 10 mins and you get the results in about 5 days.
H-pylori has been found to be strongly linked to ulcers.

Other areas you can have testing is for polyps in the bowel area, gluten intolerance test, insufficient digestive enzymes. My doctor did a stool test which is done by ARL laboratories down in Melbourne. They are a specialist laboratory and do some of the more indepth/unusual testing and not the common tests done by your average lab. They even have test kits ordered by overseas countries, so i'd say they must specialise in things that aren't even done by labs in other countries. anyway, this stool test determines whether your system is digesting your food correctly. Mine was found to not be digesting protein sufficiently due to a lack of pancreatic enzymes, which was linked to my low and difficult to raise ferretin levels. It also tests for bacteria, bacteria larvae, yeast and i can't recall now what else, but it was quite indepth.

Your situation could simply be due to the ulcers, but i'd be getting the H-pylori test to rule out these bacteria aren't still surviving and causing further ulcers later as well as malabsorption of nutrients.

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