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Thanks for the reply. A Doctor is treating me but I am not sure of his exact expertise in this issue. The truth is he prescribed strong iron tablets (325mg of iron sulphate), one per day. I got the tablets but after reading about it I decided to play it as safe as possible and got some other iron supplement tablets (15mg of iron sulphate) and have been taking 6 per day (i.e. 90mg per day). You might say that was very wrong, but I am very cautious.
From what you say I should be on the strong tablets, and that of course is the logical step. I just wonder why I need so much iron, and why 90mg of sulphate a day was not enough over the 2 months (2 and 1/2 now). My way of playing it "ultrasafe" is to wait until the next blood test - which I am due for soon.
I know I am very, very, conservative but it has paid off in one or two other issues that have arisen.
Either I just can't make haemaglobin or my body uses it at a great rate.
Cheers and thanks,

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