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[QUOTE=xtine04;3887191]I think most likely my low iron is due to heavy periods... although i've heard that heavy periods are a result of low iron too.

[B]My Hematologist told me that the less blood you have the heavier you bleed.[/B]

my iron stores were 20 when they were last checked and that's all the info. i got. they have been lower in the past (lowest was 9) but for some reason after my last period I really got hit with plenty of low iron symptoms. i found it strange that it didn't really show up in my blood test but even my husband noticed how pale i was and that's saying a lot.

monitoring and taking iron hasn't been my top priority as I have an ear issue which kind of overshadowed it for a while.

It seems that after a few days after taking my iron, my heart palpations and headaches have been reduced. i'm still sluggish tho.

i have ear surgery next week and after that recovery i'll make it a priority to figure this out further.

i'm a bit worried about feeling so tired and getting surgery... has anyone's dr. warned them against general anesthetic?

[B]I had surgery with a 10.9 Hgb and 6 ferritin at that time, the only problem that I had was heart palpitations afterwards at home that day. I think that the anesthesia caused it, I don't know really. I was extremely weak and ill.[/B]


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