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It's really an individual thing and no 2 people are affecting in exactly the same way. symptoms can vary greatly from one individual to another, depending on how low your ferretin is or how bad your anemia is.

Where is your ferretin, hemoglobin at?

It also depends what your low iron is a symptom of eg: not eating meat in your diet, malabsorption issues due to H-pylori, gluten intolerance, insufficient digestive enzymes or whether it's due to loss of blood from heavy periods to polyps in the bowel area or ulcers in the stomach. Some even have a B12 deficiency anemia. People with thyroid issues often have low iron and difficult to raise ferretin levels.

Your situation will depend on what is causing your low ferretin. Some feel better within a week or two of taking supplements, while for some it takes months and can stretch into a year or 2.

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