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[QUOTE=DianaRo42;3895033]Hi, BrainsMom444
Now going to the Gastroenterologist next week. Oncologist wants upper and lower GI to try to find bleed. Said has to be one some where. Not showing in stools or urine


I'm certainly not an expert on this subject just another patient trying to fugure out what is wrong and why and how to fix it but I wanted to share with you something that my hematologist said. I'm 58 and post-menopausal and was told I had iron deciciency anemia in Aug 08 with a ferritin of 5 and my GP immediately said see your GI to check for GI bleeding. An in-office and take-home stool test were negative and a 24 hour urinalysis was negative for blood as well. Anyway I had a colonscopy and then a capsule endoscopy to check the colon and the small intestine respectively and both were negative for bleeding. The GI said I didn't need an upper endoscopy because I just had one in March 08.

I finally saw a hematologist on November 20 and she did very thorough bloodwork. According to the letter she sent my PCP she wrote that [B]"unfortunately in some patieints an obvious source of GI blood loss cannot be identified." [/B]

I don't know your whole story but I didn't want you to worry that you might have a serious bleed somewhere - maybe you don't - I'm hoping for you!

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