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Hi, BrainsMom444
What is Ferritin? I might sound stupid, but I'm from the US, and my doctor has not mentioned it. Hgb and iron level and other things, but not Ferritin. I found out my Hgb was 6.5 and my iron level was 1 almost 2 months ago. So I know nothing.

I had Iron infusion, instead of blood transfusion, was told it is safer. I was told blood transfusion were last resort. I was told some people have reactions to it, so they give you small anount first to see if you do. They gave Benadryl to help. Didn't give enough first infusion, I got restless feeling. Nurse argued with me normal, but I told doctor I can use Benadryl to make me sleep, never got restless feeling. Doctor up the amount, and I didn't get restless feeling that time.

I only needed two infusions, had first Friday and second the following Monday. 3rd visit for infusion, I was up to 9.3. So they told me to come back 3 weeks. When checked my Hgb it was 12.5. I was told might need one again later, but not now.

Now going to the Gastroenterologist next week. Oncologist wants upper and lower GI to try to find bleed. Said has to be one some where. Not showing in stools or urine

I had chronic anemia as chikd and adult, till I went through Menopause. This just poped up a few months ago, after having reaction to antibiotic..Don't know if had anything to do with anemia.
Doctor said this has been going on for a long time, has to be slow bleed.

I'm 66.and I didn't get a chance to worry. Did infusion on first visit.Just got voice mail this weekend, telling me to call, wanted me to come in that day. My appt was Jan 16. I didn't call!

I hope I have helped with iron infusion, but would like to know what Ferretin is.

Am I aloud to ask question on some one else's?
Good Luck, Diana

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