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BriansMom444--Welcome to the boards! First, know that you have to take in a larger amount of iron than is lost for whatever reason. Are you having a history of heavy periods? Second, If you already have a low ferritin (under the range), you really don't have any stores to pull from. In addition to this, Slow Fe is one of the lowest dose irons they make besides a multivitamin and your body requires a much higher dose. I would rule this out as a cause before I thought about absorption issues(which ~COULD~ also be happening at the same time) and iron IV.

As Nancy said, she takes 325mgs 3X daily which relates (I think) to about 65mgs of elemental iron x3=195mgs of elemental iron. You can see the difference in the amount that you having been taking. How much have you been taking as prescribed? This same thing happened to me because I wasn't able to take iron due to the Ferris Sulfate making me so ill. My Hgb dropped for a long time until I realized that my Hematologist wasn't too concerned about this, didn't show it, or didn't help me to correct it. This is when I started understanding (iron via internet and GI doctors recommendations), I also responded and finally, over a long period of time resolved the anemia and I am currently working on the ferritin. I was a 2 Ferritin and now 2 yrs later I am at 58. I was taking 300mgs of Poly iron 150 2X daily. Now I take for maintenance dose 150 daily. I also take PPI's for acid reflux and my GI doc believes that this is causing malabsorption of iron. First, they said that it was my periods, so I had an endometrial ablation to slow or stop the bleeding. After this it was thought to be iron absorption due to the fact that my Ferritin was 43 a little over the one year mark.

The only way to really know is to rule out things one at a time and see what is currently happening. Many people with an iron problems have to take a maintenance dose the rest of their lives or until Menopause for some.

I would work really hard at a higher dose with Vit-C and diet, you should respond better. If not, then you know their are other problems going on. And, of course we are always thankful that IV iron therapy dose indeed exist, for many people this is the only answer. You can read about iron and how to balance it with foods that increase the absorption and others that may inhibit absorption.

You are also mildly anemic and it may take a little longer for your levels to come up verses someone that is not anemic. Be patient, it takes time. Keep us posted.

PS--You can also call your local pharmacist or Hematologist and ask about higher dose irons that are GI friendly, they are out there. Some like mine are OTC without a script but located inside the pharmacy. It's something to ask your doctor about, you should always go by what they recommend for you as a patient. You were probably just dragging your feet with the slow fe.

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