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I totally understand your concerns about the infusion, though I know plenty of people reach the point where they're willing to risk any possible complications in the hope of feeling better. From what I understand, they will run a test dose before they start the full-on infusion, just to make sure you don't have a negative reaction to the IV iron.

Given that you have a month to see if the numbers go up by continuing the oral iron, make sure you are maximizing the absorption rate by taking Vitamin C along with it. I take 325mg of ferrous sulfate 3x/day, along with 500mg of Vitamin C (gel capsule) with each dose. While raising the levels is a slow process, this seems to be working for me.

I ordered some Betaine HCL (hydrochloric) yesterday b/c it's supposed to help with absorption; you might want to run a search on that and see if it might be helpful, though of course you'd want to run it past your doctor.

My ferritin is at an all-time "high" of 13 (low was 7). While the hematologist was OK with that level, my internist and the doctor I correspond with online believes the ferritin level is the best way to determine anemia. In light of that, I have ordered some ferritin (bioavailable iron, supposed to be easier on the GI tract and well-absorbed); the doctor said it was fine to take this in addition to the ferrous sulfate.

Again, I understand your concerns, but I'm sure MANY of the members here can offer you reassurance in you have to have an infusion. Hang in there!!


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