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Thank you very much for your replies, Blkqwn and Rainbow's End. :)

Blkqwn, I hope the iron supplements have helped replete your iron stores and that your hair has grown back! Dizziness can have many causes - such as fluctuations in blood pressure-, or be a side effect of medication, so that not everyone will associate it with anemia. Glad you've (finally!!!)decided to treat yours! Good luck to you!

Rainbow's End, diabetes is the #1 cause of ESRD. It is also no surprise that your mother-in-law has anemia. A very high percentage of people with ESRD - 80% - have anemia. It is a consequence of chronic kidney disease, which often leads to other serious health problems.

There are many factors that contribute to CRF anemia. They include iron, folate, and vitamin B12 deficiencies, gastrointestinal blood loss and blood loss from hemodialysis filters and tubes. Co-existing illnesses also play a role. For the most part, this type of anemia is due to a decrease in production of endogenous erythropoietin. A decrease in the lifespan of red blood cells, and the inhibition of erythropoietin by uremic toxins have also been shown to play a role.


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