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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3900443]flflowergirl, :)

thank you for taking the time to answer my post. I thought I had the ferritin levels figured out - normal or elevated in anemia of chronic disease, low in an iron deficiency anemia. My ferritin was quite low-6- when last measured 7 months ago. I am not on any iron supplements so the ferritin could be even lower now.

I also thought that anyone with anemia who has a chronic disease -including chronic kidney disease- had anemia of chronic disease, or a combination of two or more types of anemia. I now know that isn't the case at all and chronic kidney disease leads to a unique type of anemia, quite often a combination of several factors. (You can tell I discussed this with my nephrologist very briefly :) ) I wish there was more time to spend discussing these issues. They are not very important though compared to others. Interestingly, in this situation, ferritin levels are seldom used to assess the iron stores. I am told that the ferritin levels are deceiving and more often than not inaccurate. I won't begin to guess why that might be so. Perhaps because in chronic (and other) types of kidney disease there's so much going on?

I do know that serum ferritin protein is an acute phase reactant. It becomes elevated in people with autoimmune inflammatory diseases. These elevated ferritin levels are a reflection of the disease, [U]not[/U] the actual iron status. When such a person is anemic, serum ferritin is unreliable. Active infection resulting in elevated CRP & ESR levels (which I also have) will also increase ferritin levels.
When the time comes, I will receive the EPO & iron treatments and the anemia will be corrected. I was told not to worry about it - my iron status along with other labs will be monitored regularly.
If I learn more about these issues, I will post it here. Thank you once again. :)


Hi flowergirl, I am anemic and I was not taking my iron for many many years. It wasn't until I begin loosing my hair when I realized how serious this really I know it took something vain for me to realize this you would think the dizzy spells would have been the slammer but no it was when I begin loosing hair!

I do not have chronic kidney disease. Although I have had kidney infections in the past, but it has had no effect on my anemia and I haven't had a kidney infection in many years. Wish I could be of more help though. I also wished I hadn't taken so many years before I realized how serious this is.

Currently, I supplement daily iron, vitamin-C, B100, B6, D and fish oil. I am 44 years of age.

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