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Hi Shannon,

I have had a similar experience to you also, i live in Chester and had similar symptoms that you are discribing. Had blood test and although i am not anaemic my ferritin was 8.8 on 19 Jan. Had a message from GP surgery to pick up a prescription and so i am back on the iron tablets again.:dizzy:

Four weeks on and this week i have felt better, i have more energy,enough to get through the usual day. I had been feeling so low in energy that i couldnt get to Uni, or do the usual chores at home any excersise i was trying to do was an extreeme effort that i gave up. Usually i love going for riding lessons and jogging round the block but that was out of the question. I had lots of other mild symptoms sore dry eyes couldnt wear my contact lenses have been wearing my glasses instead, hair loss etc.

Now i am feeling better i am about to go for a couple of days in the lakes for a break before i start second year at UNi. So even to think about getting out and about the iron tablets must be working.

I take 3 x day and fortunately they dont affect my stomach. I have been on them before and i think i stopped too early so i am staying on them until i know my ferritin is high!!

I went to the doctors to ask why is my ferritin is low and they have decided it is because of my periods. I have heavy periods for 2-3 days only then barely anything for another day or so. They have advised me to stop the blood loss and suggested the pill or the coil in my case.

I have felt so rotten that i will try anything and though i do not like the thought of it i am opting for the coil which is one that releases hormone into the lining of the womb and so reduces periods by up to 90% and can stay in around 10 years. There are a couple of negatives but as i say i am that desperate not to go back to feeling so bad that i will try anything!!

Try going back to the doctor and discussing why your ferritin is low and in the meantime keep taking the tablets...Good luck x

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