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Hi Ladies
thank you so much for all your replies , they are very informative reassuring and helpful, Gemini123, I live in flintshire(only about 11 miles from you.. what a small world eh! ) Its interesting that you have had the sore dry eyes too as I didnt really know this could be a symptom of the low iron , mine were awful! Also interesting to read that maybe my period could be considered heavy even if they are only heavy for about 3 days. Flowergirl thanks for all your info too. Nancy. im 36 and I had my children in 2001 and 2003 and i know they check to see if your anaemic when your pregnant, but i never needed iron then so i assume it was ok,or do they only check your red blood count? not sure , i dont really understand how you can be very low in ferritin but the RBC still be ok , i have phoned the doctors to ask for a print out of all the blood test results , just out of interest to see what my other levels were. i have to say though the receptionist was a bit snotty and said she would ask the doctor if i was ok to have a copy(i have to phone back tomorrow) does anyone know if they are in their right to refuse me a copy if they say no? I dont intend having anymore children but when i have tried being on the contraceptive pill in the past i have not had any success.. i used to get sharp pains in my chest so wouldnt use them.
Do you think that if i do have a blood test in a month and it is showing a slight improvement .. the chances are that it is probably just lack of iron in diet or heavy periods. I dont think I should have been so silly really to not keep taking the iron 3 years ago as when i stopped it hadnt particularly gone up by alot . I also read somewhere that a low fat diet can make you low in iron .. does anyone know if this is true ? As slimming world is a low fat diet, you are allowed meat but it has to be lean and any other fats such as butter etc has to be counted, so i have very small amounts of butter or mayonnaisse etc. and I know i probably havent eaten large amounts of meat for 18 months . I was conscious of my iron and tried to eat lentils etc, but i also read that high iron vegetable(non meat) type foods are absorbed as easily as meat iron
so i am hoping that it will improve with the tablets
thank you so much again

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