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[B][/B][B][/B][QUOTE=BriansMom444;3897573]Hi Flowergrl,

Ahhh, ok...just making sure I was on the same page.....:-)

If I can ask your opinion on something? If my ferritin was low in 2006, (between a 5-8) but my BW was normal that indicates Iron Deficiant Without anemia, right?
[B]Yes, that is correct. Also, what is normal bloodwork? I was complaining of heavy periods 3 yrs prior to my anemia. Back then I knew nothing, but I have looked sense then and my Hgb was at 13 something. So, that tells me something was already going on and not being looked at. For example; Ferritin, I have never had that test prior anemia?[/B]

If in 2006 I was Iron Deficiant, then would it make sense to think I've had a bleeding issue (gastrointestinal, ect) for 3 years?
[B]Anything is always possible, I really don't know. I can tell you from experience with other family members that have had blood loss due to the GI tract and they both had prodominant symptoms and black stool. One case was several ulcers and the other was gastritis and H-Pylori. I would think that you would have had symptoms if it was going on for 3yrs. I have a hiatal hernia and my PCP said that I was probably always losing a small amount of blood, but that was not near enough to cause my 8.5 Hgb. I'm just giving examples here.[/B]

I had a hemorhage in 2003 from a miscarriage but never needed blood & even after that, they said my BW was ok. Dr says he doubts any of this is from that. My ferritin, however was only checked in 2006 so I cant say I knew what that was before that time.
[B]It sounds like you may have been treading water for a long, long time. It takes years to deplete the ferritin. If you never replaced the stores in 2003 which were probably low then, in 2006 you know you were below range. Stores never filled once again, could lead you to today by just having regular blood loss with regular periods.[/B]

My periods are usually not heavy although at times they have been. (whose hasnt)
[B]They don't always have to be heavy. This is just the most common cause. It can be more than one reason.[/B]

I went on a CRASH diet from June-Sept & lost 20 lbs. I was taking slim fast. Could that have exabarated more Iron loss?
[B]I would read a can, I bet you that it's full of iron because it is a replacement. Were you eating meat at this time? Or were you really crashing:dizzy:? If so, then yes this could always be a partner culprit.[/B]

I guess Im so concerned why my BW didnt increase after the 2 mo's of Iron. Rather decreased?
[B]"Been there, done that" so to speak. Perhaps it's malabsorption too.[/B]

Geazz, I just had a bone marrow 2 mo's ago for something else.....I would imagine that rules out any Bone marrow issues, what do you think.
[B]You poor thing. Yes, that would show if something was up. It is considered the "gold standard." Later, maybe tomorrow I will reread through your posts and see a better overall picture and see if anything comes to my mind. Try not to worry yourself so much! I've already done that enough for everyone here! Take care.[/B]

I'd appreciate your thoughts~~
Thx for helping out!

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