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My plan, back when i first started on the iron supplement road, was to take high doses of iron, eat foods rich in iron, not to combine iron inhibiting foods/beverages with my iron supplement. My doctor also had me on Lysine and Glutamine to help absorption so my ferritin would rise faster.

I spent a bit over a year focusing just on the iron, thinking if i could lift my iron that it would fix all my other symptoms eg: tiredness, hair shedding, messed up monthly cycles.

A year ago i found out i had an autoimmune thyroid condition called Hashimoto's and also found out i had excess estrogen and that my pancreas wasn't producing sufficient digestive enzymes to digest protein. I then blamed all of this on my difficult in raising my ferritin.

It's only now that i've done even more indepth research that i learn (and my doctor confirms) that in my case my thyroid and excess estrogen are linked to my digestive issues and could be the things which are holding my ferritin back and causing my digestive issues.

Right now i'm at the point where my doctor and i are trying to find as natural a way as possible at lowering my estrogen. Not sure if we'll try natural progesterone cream.

Once everything has been balanced and righted it will mean better digestive system and immune system which will equal more energy and feeling better in general.

As for my ferritin, fortunately my gp caught it when i was at 8 and it took nearly three years to get up to 78. Then due to stress it went down to 50, then back up to 69, then back down to 53. I'll find out on monday where i'm at now. So now i'm at the point where we are trying to find out why it goes up, then after 6 weeks drops, then rises in 6 weeks, then drops in another 6 weeks. I'm wondering whether it's linked to my estrogen excess and thyroid, which could be messing with my digestive system.

I feel it's really been a journey and i've come such a long way from solely focusing on "ferretin", which i was obsessed with. I've learnt from this board that ferritin truly is a symptom, not an illness on it's own. It also helps to have a co-operative and well informed doctor too.

Good luck to everyone on their journey :)

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