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Im wondering what each of your blood levels are & what treatment worked for you?

Are we all Iron Deficiant here?

My Ferritin was 5.4 in 2006 (Dr failed to mention it to me)
My RBC & HEmogbn was NOT affected at the time

2008~~~Dr gave me iron, brought ferritin up just to minimal level (Go figure).
RBC & HEmoglbn still NOT affected.

Dec 2009, Had bone marrow.......showed on way to Iron Deficiancy anemia.

Bloodwk was:

RBC 4.2
Hemoglbn 12.8

Hematologist put me on Iron Pills 2X day/

2 Mo's later bloodwk

Ferritin 7
RBC 3.8
Hemoglbn 12.1

Going to continue another month on oral & see what happens

Like to hear from others,
[B]2003[/B] (pregnant and felt awful)
i don't have all test results because i didn't know i could get them at that point!

[B]Level[/B] - Hb 9.7 [B]treatment[/B] - ferrous sulphate x3 daily

[B]April 2007[/B]

HB 10.3
Ferritin 2.8

platelets 331
mcv 73
mchc 31.1
mch 22.6
rbc 4.58
WBC 4.1
neutrophils 1.9
eosinophil 0.2
lymphocyte 1.7
monocyte 0.2,
PCV 0.33%
B12 539
folate 8.7

[B]Treatment[/B] ferrous sulphate x3 daily for over 6 months

[B]Jan 2009[/B]

HB 13.7
Ferritin 8.8

platelets 249
mcv 89
mchc 33.9
mch 30.2
rbc 4.54
WBC 3.2
neutrophils 1.5
eosinophil 0.2
lymphocyte 1.2
monocyte 0.3
PCV 0.40%
Treatment[/B] - Ferrous fumerate x 3 daily retest in 3 months
also now trying minera coil to reduce menstruation

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