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I was seeing a Trichologist for my hair shedding and he did a TSH, T3, T4 and thyroid antibodies tests. My antibodies came back sky high, the TSH was elevated at 2 point something or other (but it was always up and down, mostly up), my T4 at the time was high and my T3 was too low. Once he saw the sky high antibodies he diagnosed it as Hashimoto's and sent me to someone who treats thyroids.

The antibodies tested were 2 types, Anti Thyroglobulin and Anti thyroid Peroxidase.

The thyroid doctor sent me for an ultrasound and it also showed definite Hashimoto's. They found one nodule, but nothing cancerous.

I also had my cortisol levels tested for my adrenal function. Poor adrenal function will also cause major tiredness and brain fog. A lot of things will cause tiredness from thyroid, anemia/low iron, low B12 and other B vitamins, adrenal fatigue to hormone imbalance eg: estrogen/progesterone.

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