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herekittykitty--Well, you got the wrong script, but it may have been a very good thing for you. Wait and see what your lab results are. If it was bothering you, now being off of it will help you return to normal. If you are still having discomfort there are OTC things that you can take for a week or so to help you to heal if you need it. It's never nice to find out that you were taking the wrong thing. I don't know much about the iron you are on but I think it is one that is low amount but highly absorbed. you should do a search on it.

A CBC with Differential test also measures the amount of WHITE blood cells. Formed in the bone marrow, these cells help in fighting infections.

Retic count-A low retic count shows that the bone marrow is not producing a normal amount of red blood cells (RBC's).

A low count also may be caused by a lack of Vit B-12-folic acid, or iron or illness that affects the bone marrow.

A retic count rises in response to iron therapy or in response to blood loss.

Anti-parietal cells are looking for antibodies to see if it is AI related such as PA.

You should ask your doctor about fasting counts because I have never been told to stop iron but I have read here that people have to go off the B-12 for about 2 weeks prior.

I'm glad that you are feeling hopeful, it sounds like you are seeing a great doctor too. That is always a blessing to say the least. Keep us posted.

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