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Great question! I've been thinking the same thing. Since they've ruled out GI through Endo/Colonoscopy, they just automatically are saying it must be my periods. I've been wondering what else it could even be, because I don't think my periods are that heavy.

I am really starting to believe now this is a post-pregnancy thing I've had for 7 years. All 4 of my children were between 10-13.3 pounds, and the uterus just doesn't go back easily after that size of children. I am not sure, but I remember having REALLY TERRIBLE afterpains for a long time after #4, and I'm wondering if I bled too much for too long and never recovered. Wish I could go back and do a blood test to see if I'm right! But for now, it's what my theory is. I've been in bad shape ever since he was born, but blamed it on just having 4 kids. If I maintain my levels and there's nothing else wrong, my theory will probably end up being the most likely cause....


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