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I finally saw a hematologist on November 20 and she did very thorough bloodwork. According to the letter she sent my PCP she wrote that "unfortunately in some patieints an obvious source of GI blood loss cannot be identified."

I am not anemic because my H and H were low but within normal ranges. I'll post my test results below.

I do have very bad GERD and have been taking Nexium and/or other PPI's for more than 4 years and they could be the problem according to what I have read and heard especially here from FlFlowergirl. I was tested for celiac/gluten and the blood test came back normal (but I have read that these tests are not always accurate) but I might still have malabsorption ???

The hematologist also wrote that it "typically takes at least 6 months to fully replenish iron stores and that I would need to continue on iron supplementation for at least 6 months."

She gave me a prescription for Niferex 150 to take 2 times a day. I paid $115 for a 30 day supply! It was not covered by my insurance because it is considered an OTC drug even though the pharmacy has to order it for you. I filed an appeal with the insurance company but they still refused even though the Hematologist thought this was a better iron supplement for me because it had Vitamin C in it for better absorption. So beginning in December I now take Ferrex 150 twice a day along with a Vitamin C tablet. The ferrex has B12 and Folic Acid and for some reason it is not considered an OTC and my insurance covers it.

I had a second blood test at the hematologist on January 7and my ferritin increased to 12. She does not want to see me or do another blood test until 3 months have passed - so I am in limbo until April 7 if the new iron is working as well.

sorry for the long post. I feel like I'm whining a bit and I guess I am.

[B]Ferritin (5-148) [/B]
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Aug = 5 (L)[/COLOR] Jan = 12
[B]Hematocrit (34-46)[/B]
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Aug = 35.6 [/COLOR] Jan = 38.8
[B]Hemoglobin (11.0-15.0) [/B]
[COLOR="royalblue"]Aug = 11.6 [/COLOR] Jan = 12.7
[B]Iron (35-170) [/B]
[COLOR="royalblue"]Aug = 25 [/COLOR]Jan = 51
[B]TIBC (250-450) [/B]
[COLOR="royalblue"]Aug = 469 (H) [/COLOR] Jan = 393
[B]% SAT (20-55)[/B]
[COLOR="royalblue"]Aug = 5 (L)[/COLOR] Jan = 12 (L)
[B]MCV (80-100) [/B]
[COLOR="royalblue"]Aug = 77 (L) [/COLOR] Jan = 83
[B]MCH (27-33) [/B]
[COLOR="royalblue"]Aug = 25 (L) [/COLOR] Jan = 27

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