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I have excess estrogen and i knew a few basic things, but not too much. I learnt a lot about it from my thyroid doctor and did wonder why he was focusing so much on helping me lower my estrogen. It's only in the last week that i began delving into hormones a bit more and what role estrogen plays and it's not a nice one.

Basically all the bad things that go on in our "downstairs" department is most often the result of an imbalance of our estrogen to progesterone ratio. Fibroids love growing in an estrogen filled environment. Endometrial lining will thicken too. PMS issues become worse, menstrual cramps, PCOS can also occur as does endometriosis, heavy periods with clotting. Then other issues can develop eg: infertility, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, breast tumours, uterine fibroid tumors, miscarriage, decreased libido, joint and muscle pain, weight gain, hair loss and who knows what else.

I was advised to go on birth control. I tried 3 different brands and they gave me severe side effects. Now i think i was lucky to get such bad side effects, otherwise i might have continued taking them. If you have excess estrogen to start with, which could be from stress, another illness, toxins, pesticides, plastic containers, chemicals in cosmetics etc, taking birth control will only raise the estrogen, making the intial problem worse. Some of the new forms of birth control are estrogen only, this is very dangerous. It's no wonder so many more females are having hair loss and issues with their monthly cycles.

When your hormones are in balance, everything else works correctly from your digestion to your immune system and you have loads of energy and feel great.

The female hormonal balance is controlled by 3 major areas in the body, the adrenal gland, thyroid gland and the ovaries. Excessive estrogen affects both thyroid and adrenal function and in turn a thyroid and adrenal gland which aren't functioning correctly makes estrogen dominance worse. They all go hand in hand.

It all depends where your estrogen dominance is. If it's at the breast, breast tissue becomes tender, swollen and can lead to fibrocystic breasts. In the uterus excess estrogen leads to endometriosis, hyperplasia, heavy or irregular periods, menstrual cramping and uterine fibroids and/tumors. If it's at the liver you can see weight gain, constipation, headaches/migraines, depression, mood swings, fluid retention and low libido to name a few.

So going back to birth control pills, which most women are on as it's so convenient, you really should be getting your doctor to thoroughly check your hormones. If you do hormone type blood tests, they need to be done in the morning, not lunch time or afternoon. If your estrogen to progesterone ratio is out, then the progesterone needs to be raised so that the estrogen will lower or your doctor might be able to suggest something else to help your body metabolise the excess estrogen into a healthy form of estrogen. Alcohol is also not good as it prevents the excess estrogen leaving your system.

Your doctor also likely hasn't told you that if you are on bith control it will deplete you of certain things eg: B complex vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. These leaves you in a nutrient depleted state and can bring on all the other nasty side effects like weight gain, fluid retention, mood changes, depression and even heart disease. It all depends on the individual and their personal health situation.

It's known that if the estrogen is balanced, things like fibroids will stop growing, in some cases shrink, but at least it prevents further fibroids. Your cycles will become normal again, all the other side effects like PMS etc would settle. I'm fast learning that certain symptoms i was blaming on my thyroid could actually be connected to my estogen excess and my messed up hormones. This is why i'd advised ladies who are in your situation and having major issues with their periods and who have fibroids to look into your hormone situation, re evaluate what type of birth control your doctor has you on, what are the estrogen levels in it, can it be making your situation worse and go and do research on the net, don't simply go on the pill and think it's a magic cure, as it's not.

Good luck to everybody in this situation and i hope this post gives some food for thought, take care :)

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