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Hello all!
I was wondering about taking Vitamin C supplements with my iron supplements.

My hematologist originally prescribed Niferex 150 (2 times a day). It is a poly iron with Vitamin C. She preferred this because it would be gentler on my digestive system since I have GERD and IBS. Anyway I only took them for 30 days because I had to pay for them in full ($115) since my insurance would not cover them because they are considered an OTC drug even though the pharmacist had to order them. I filed an appeal but it was rejected. :mad:

The doctor then prescribed Ferrex 150 also a poly iron which also includes Folic Acid and B12. It is covered by my insurance - got a 90 day supply for $30. go figure...:confused:

No one (i.e the hematologist or the pharmacist - you know the experts!) recommended adding a Vitamin C supplement but after reading here I'm finidng out from the real experts that it might be a good idea to add the Vitamin C supplement. I went back to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist and she said yeah that might be helpful and pointed out one to buy.

So my new Vitamin C supplement contains 250 mg of Vit C which is 475% of your RDA and the instructions say to take one daily preferably with a meal.

so I'm confused and until I can get back to the pharmacy I thought I would ask my questions here:
1)Do I take the C with my iron - which I don't take with a meal?
2) Do I only take a C with one of my iron pills since the recommended amount is only 1 tablet? Or should I find a C that is less mg so I can take 2 a day?

thanks in advance for any suggestions!

It certainly is tough being your own MD (or pharamcist) without going to med school!;)

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