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Susie--Are the B's added only for rebuilding RBC's per your hematologist OR is it because of a B-12 deficiency?

Rachel is right, I took 3X ferris sulfate with 500 mgs each dose. This is what is typically recommended. My hematologist actually DID recommend adding Vit-C but, it was already included in my iron. Vit-C can also be added to a heme iron meal to mega increase the absorption something like 6X's to help in repleteing the ferritin stores. I am not sure if adding Vit-C was a culprit in my 3 months of enteritis. I don't know if it was an irritant to my intestines or not, I know the FS was indeed! I would try it with each dose and if you can tolerate it then you are good to go. Just be sure that you never lay down after iron supplements. I think that it was up to 3 hours, I really don't recall. That is for everyone, not just (special) people with acid reflux.

Looking into the future, IF you are going to be on supplements ~long term~ I would chose an iron with the C already in it. One less pill perhaps, and you know it has a balanced dose of C. If you need everything, then they make script irons (probably the same price) with B-12 added. This way it is only one pill to take.

I take B-12 on and off to help with energy and to keep my B-12 levels up because those of us that may have malabsorption due to PPI's are at greater risk for B-12 deficiency. I don't want this number too high either. I try to keep a happy balance around 900-1000.

Just an idea. I know you don't want to change what is working for you. Keep us posted.

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