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I agree, I agree, I REALLY Agree! Im not going to do the infusions until ALL DR's tell me, its necesary! I am praying really hard that I will absorb the Ferrous sulfate, as opposed to the slow FE. Im hoping! Lord Knows Im eating everything with Iron!

I will even take a bleed in the stomach or colon as that can be cauterized & Id have an answer.

What will worry me is if my Hemoglbn does not rise (Or continues to drop) AFTER these tests, :(

My tests that I were looking at dont make sense. All within 1 week, in December (Before I was put on Iron) My Hemoglobin was REALLY dropping.

12/04 hemogb 15.2
RBC 4.8

12/08 hemogb 14.8
rbc 4.5

12/10 hemogbn 14.3

12/11 hemogbn 12.8

This is when I was put on Iron 2X day

2 mo's later
2/12 hemoglbn 12.1
RBC 3.8 :confused:

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