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Try not to worry right now, wait until you have your scopes, blood test and possible up the iron supplements. You still have time to play with.

Your dates say 12/10-14.3Hgb and 12/11-12.8Hgb, did you mean 1 day?

I can tell you that it took me 1 yr and 3 months to get to a 14.1 Hgb and that was on iron supplements, however; at least half or more of that time I was unable to take a higher dose of iron AND I was still bleeding for almost 7 of those months. It all adds up and so does frequent blood testing which I had. It causes you to pull from the ferritin stores. It's like having a period and pulls ferritin until it is depleted and then pulls from organs tissue according to my GI doc. I have also gone from a 12.9 - 11.9 in 4 weeks of 150mgs iron daily. I didn't have internal bleeding and the type of malabsorption that I have is only said to decrease absorption up to 50% (I think, I don't remember everything) not completely.

I have a chart that I made LOL with all my Hgb levels and dates and have charted my progress. I showed my hematologist to get my point across that I was getting nowhere fast, and he said it looks really nice, LOL but it's worthless. He said all that matters is what is happening right now. I guess he told me.

I do see your concern because most people do in fact respond better, but there again, everyone is so different. When do you get scoped? Have you had B-12 and folate and other vitamins checked for malabsorption? Keep us posted.

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