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Which hormones were you on? I've got excess estrogen and recently found out that this, in some people, will cause migraines and general headaches.

I've not heard of redbush tea. Does it state the % of tannins? I drink Madura tea, which is grown in Australia and it only contains 2.8% tannins and is a safer alternative to normal black tea regarding caffeine levels. Caffeine also isn't good if you have excess estrogen.

When you are at the start of trying to raise ferritin, don't stress yourself too much. Your levels mightn't rise in a hurry as other organs and areas of your body will be grabbing any ferritin as you begin storing it. When all these areas have their required ferritin, only then will your stores start building and giving you energy.
Yes, the Rooibos tea is most definitely OK to take as it is caffeine free. I was drinking that at one time too and it's a pretty good alternative to fully caffeinate tea. I like drinking black tea with milk so herbal teas just didn't cut it. I was going through so much with my health and i couldn't stand the thought of giving up my tea :)

If you are on the pill i'd strongly advise you to find out what sort, meaning what does it contain. I've recently gone much further into my research with excess estrogen and all the extremely bad things it will do to your body. You should check out the information available on the net too. Some of these newer brands of the pill can be "estrogen only", if your estrogen levels are higher and not balanced with your prgesterone, taking an estrogen high pill will only make matters worse.

Have you had a full hormone evaluation done? if not you ought to, so you know whether all your hormones are balanced. Excess estrogen is a real new age problem for a lot of ladies. It's only when we have balanced hormones will we feel good and our bodies will run properly. For any hormone testing, it needs to be done in the morning, not lunch or afternoon time.

The pill also depletes you of B complex vitamins, Vit C, magnesium and zinc so you should be on supplements because being insufficient in these nutrients can lead to other side effects.

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