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I'll say "ditto" to FLFLOWERGIRL'S reply. I too at very carefully and did all the right things and my iron still took forever to climb. I tried taking my iron supplement well before my meal and during my meal and i saw no difference for me personally. I basically tried everything possible to no avail.

I think the thing is to work out what works for you personally. What works for one wont necessarily work for the majority. Obviously keep away from caffeine and major dairy products a couple of hours before and after your supplement.

What is really most helpful is finding out what your low iron or anemia is being caused by as it's most often a symptom of another illness. In my case i wasn't able to digest protein properly due to insufficient digestive enzymes, but i digested carbs and fats very well, just not the protein. I also have a thyroid condition and there are thyroid receptors in the stomach which can affect digestion. Hormone problems eg: imbalance of estrogen/progesterone will affect digestive system too. Insufficient vitamins and minerals will affect your digestive capacity too. These all work around digestion, but your issue could relate to heavy monthly cycles or other internal bleeding.

Have you had your B12 checked? There seem to be quite a few people on this board who have B12/Anemia issues. You might want to look into that too.

It's good to focus on getting your ferritin up, but don't lose sight of the bigger picture and finding out why your ferritin became low in the first place.

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