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Nancy1526--Welcome to the boards!

I'm not sure what you are meaning when you say iron level.

Serum Iron ?? range can be 40-170. In this case 40 is not high it is low end normal.

Hct is what they normally look at at the blood bank (they always call it iron too, but it is not), and that range is 35.0-45.0 %. Optimal Hct hematocrit levels for women are 42%.

A Ferritin iron storage (I wouldn't think they would do this) is 10-232 for my range, this varies from lab to lab. A ferritin (for women) of over 200 and along with a high T-Sat % could indicate iron overload.

If your sister has been DX'ed with HH, all siblings and family members need tested for HH as well. My husband has HH and my children are both carriers because he has the double gene. They are at risk for iron overload and are to be checked every 5 yrs according to our doctor.

Tests that you may want to get are: Ferritin, Iron panel and DNA testing. Keep us posted.

PS--Because you are female, you should know your ferritin count, especially in your case it is two fold, 1 being HH and 2nd being blood donation. Donating blood lowers the ferritin. Does your sister have phlebotomies?

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