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[QUOTE=tamrabbit;3905554]Thanks everyone.

FLFLOWERGIRL - Should I not donate blood until I get my ferritin levels up?
[COLOR="Blue"]I try really hard to not ~tell~ people what they should or shouldn't do including diagnose BUT in your case I can say, NO DONATIONS! Donating blood is for a really good cause I know, but for women still having their menstrual cycle it can deplete the iron stores of your body. You don't find out until it's too late and the stores are used up because they don't check this for you at the blood bank. This is how they de-iron people that store too much iron, they prescribe frequent donations or phlebotomy, see what I mean.[/COLOR]

My doctor was saying runners and vegetarians usually have good iron stores.
[COLOR="Blue"]It is my understanding that runners and athletes usually have problems with a lowered ferritin. It is also my understanding that vegetarians are at risk for anemia unless they have a very balanced diet and follow it strictly. You know what a task that is. You can read about it and make your own conclusions. I am a "Flexitarian" LOL, (semivegetarian) I follow a plant based diet, but occasionally I do eat small amounts of meat, poultry and fish. My doctors were extremely concerned when they asked me if I ate meat. And they *all* asked that question. There must be something to that.[/COLOR]

What a loony! I'm just annoyed that I lost so much hair in the past year that I could've probably stopped earlier. oh well.

How high of dose do you think is okay.? I got Hemaplex from a vitamin shop. They said it was GI friendly - its 85 mg elemental iron.
[COLOR="Blue"]How much did your doctor recommend? When I was anemic I took 300mgs daily and now as a maintenance dose I take 150 daily. After you resolve the anemia your stores will fill faster than when your whole body is depleted. You should ask your pharmacist and doctor about how much you should be taking daily. A low dose will not fill the stores anytime soon. It can take up to a year.[/COLOR]

Also, does the low ferritin stores (or maybe its the increased iron I'm taking right now?) cause joint pain and extreme forgetfulness/distraction? My brain is seriously somewhere else the past few days.
[COLOR="Blue"]This sounds like typical symptoms of lowered ferritin/anemia. I don't think that it is from the iron supplement unless it has a lot of fillers added.:wave:[/COLOR]


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