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Corab77--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

The end result of decreased dietary iron, decreased iron absorption, or blood loss is iron deficiency anemia, the end stage of the ferritin stores. This anemia shows a decreased size of RBC, so that the mean corpuscular volume (MCV) is lower. The longer the anemia goes undetected the lower this number gets.

An iron panel is a iron test that tells about the iron in the body. The serum iron will be decreased or low, while the serum iron binding capacity TIBC is increased, so that the percent transferrin saturation is much lower than normal--perhaps only 5 to 10%.

A low iron serum and low saturation along with a low ferritin (not always) are indicative of iron deficiency.

If you are anemic it will be on your CBC complete blood count as Hgb and Hct and also the RBC, when one or more are below range you are considered to be anemic. Do you have your lab results and ranges. You can post them here if you like.

Hypothyroidism :dizzy:is also know to cause heavy bleeding and lower stomach acid two things that can lead to anemia. It is also a culprit (I believe) in a lowered ferritin. Have you been tested for Hashimoto's yet?

I'm sorry that you are confused and going through so many new things at once. Things will get better, Keep us posted:).

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