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[QUOTE=heather82;3905349]Unfortunately I can't get another doctor. Where I live there is a doctor shortage and I am lucky have to GP at all - most people don't. Unfortunately since most doctors have so many patients and so little time the care really suffers.
[COLOR="Blue"]I see, then you really have no choice. I know that can be very difficult.[/COLOR]

If it was Celiac Disease, wouldn't I have been aware of that since I was born? I thought that was a fairly serious disease, causing all kinds of problems from infancy...
[COLOR="Blue"]Not really, many people come here of all ages and are diagnosed with Celiac. I am 47 and I was just tested for this myself.[/COLOR]

I am a vegetarian, but have been for over ten years and have not been anemic until a year and half ago so it does not seem likely that is the cause. Plus most research I have done tells me that is actually quite rare for vegetarians to even be iron deficient. I have had my B12 checked (I think it was fine) but not my folate.
[COLOR="Blue"]There can also be more of a demand for iron in your body now than ever before. You can be vegetarian for years before you deplete the iron stores or B-12, it takes ~ABOUT~ 2-3-5 years. You can have malabsorption going on for years before a deficiency may show up. It is my understanding that vegetarian's are at risk because they take meat out of their diets which is the most absorbed form of iron. You have to really balance your diet to avoid anemia. Perhaps this is not your cause, but it is well know here on the anemia board as a cause. My doctors were very concerned that I didn't eat meat. I am also not a true vegetarian so I don't have a balanced diet as one would have:dizzy:.[/COLOR]

I'm not sure what my last ferritin was - my doctor never tells me the actual numbers. All I've ever been told is that my ferritin is as low as it can get!
[COLOR="Blue"]Just be sure that when you go in next time to get a copy of your labs so that you will have these numbers to reference for later. It comes in very handy.[/COLOR]

Actually I did notice that all this came about after being sick for an extended period of time - severe strep throat and then a kidney infection. Can an illness cause your iron to be depleted?
[COLOR="Blue"]Anemia and low iron weakens the immune system and people do tend to suffer from frequent infections and illness. This is very typical leading up to anemia as well.[/COLOR]

I also have had unexplained microscopic blood in my urine for close to 15 years. Could even a small blood loss cause all this?
[COLOR="Blue"]I don't know anything about this condition but I can say that all blood loss does add up and I would think that this could be a culprit for you. That's a long time. What does your doctor say?[/COLOR]


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