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I was just diagnosed with severe anemia. My HGB was 9.1 my HCT was 27 and my ferritin serum was a 2 RBC was 3.80. My doctor told me to take 325mg of iron twice a day. I have tried 3 different iron supplements and had bad reactions to all of them. The last one I took was slo fe. I started feeling like a tightness in my bronchial tubes, after about 3 days of that, i woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air, I felt like my bronchial tubes were closed. I don't have asthma, but the reaction I got was like an asthma attack. It took 45 minutes for me to be able to breathe enough to go back to sleep. Now my doctor wants me to get PRBC injections but I read on line that if you have asthma you can't get iron shots. I don't have asthma, but that reaction I had was an asthma attack. I'm deathly afraid that they'll give me a shot and I won't be able to breathe. What should I do?

sandee1024--Welcome to the board!:wave:

According to my chart a 9.1 Hgb is considered moderately anemic, just to let you know. I was 8.5 Hgb/27.3 Hct and still considered moderately anemic. Although it does feel severe!

I have never heard of people reacting to iron supplements, but I have heard on many occasion that they were allergic to the coating or the fillers that are added. Maybe you can take a look at these supplements and compare packaging to see if there is a culprit, other than the iron. I know this is quite common with IV iron and even injections for some. Anything is possible:eek:. We all have such different reactions, but oral iron is usually the GI tract reacting. I do understand your concern. I would try other irons in smaller doses first. You can cut the tabs and see what happens, at least it may be to a lesser degree. Or you may not have a reaction to another. Check with your pharmacist and doctor to see what they have to say. Keep us posted.

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